Biomechanical risk factors associated with running related injuries

A systematic review.


Christian Barton, BPhysio (Hon), PhD is a physiotherapist, with his research and practice focused on the management of persistent knee pain and osteoarthritis, and running related injury. He is a current MRFF Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP), based at La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine (LASEM) Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia. He also leads numerous projects related to facilitating patient and health professional education via digital and social media through the Translating Research Evidence and Knowledge (TREK) initiative.

Christian is a Communications Masters (Journalism Innovation) graduate (2018), and the Director of Communications and Knowledge Translation Research lead at LASEM. He is an Associate Editor and Deputy Editor for Social Media at the British Journal of Sports Medicine and serves on the board of the Victorian Branch of the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Association. Christian is regularly an invited speaker both nationally and internationally, presenting on knee pain and osteoarthritis, running injuries, and using digital and social media for science communication. He runs numerous courses on knee and patellofemoral pain, and running injury management in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe and Scandinavia.

2020 September - Biomechanical risk factors associated with RRI - Systematic Review

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